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Rumours first began last month when anderson tweeted theres a new member in the who crew, my little sis. Ahead of the season 10 premiere of doctor who saturday, april 15 at 98c on bbc america, franchise newbie pearl mackie has revealed that her character, new companion bill potts, is openly gay. Moffat admits clara oswald was not a participant in her own story until season 8 of. The series was officially ordered on 20 may 20, and led by head writer and. The new doctor who has been around for nearly 15 years now. Of course, theres a strong likelihood doctor who will prove us all dead wrong. Every episode follows the adventures of a mad man or woman in a police call box that just so happens to be a time traveling space ship. Doctor who series 11 spoilers bradley walsh drops huge. Season finale details revealed, new companion update. Steven moffat and peter capaldi weigh in on claras replacement, and jenna colemans heartwrenching exit.

The doctor is reeling from the loss of rose at the end of season 2,even if he cant admit it. The third doctor, more active and physical than his predecessors, made the role of the action hero male companion redundant. Jodie whittakers doctor will have a lot of new faces joining her on her new adventures when she takes over the tardis, with longrumoured companion bradley walsh joining the cast of doctor who. The doctors worst enemies, the daleks, the cybermen, the angels and the silence, return, as the doctors eleventh life comes. The new incarnation of doctor who really gets rolling in season 3. While the development of a new doctor is always one of the most followed casting announcements for doctor who, there is another bit of casting news which helps rival this announcement.

The fourth series of british science fiction television programme doctor who was preceded by the 2007 christmas special voyage of the damned. In the far future, at the edge of the galaxy, there is a gleaming, perfect city. After months of speculation, the bbc will finally put doctor who fans out of their misery this weekend and reveal the identity of the new doctor who companion. The actor, game show host and comedian briefly appeared in a spin. The doctors companion is one of the most prestigious roles in tv and has been played in the past decade by billie piper, catherine tate and karen gillan. Assuming we can only take what happens on the tv screen as canon, the eighth doctor is defined as much by his absence as his presence. Dr who episode guide with pictures, images, information, news and more about the latest science fiction, fantasy and metaphysical stories. Bbc one announced saturday that upandcoming british thesp pearl mackie is.

Pearl mackie, who plays a new character named bill. The series was officially ordered on 20 may 20, 1 and led by head writer and executive producer steven moffat, alongside executive producer brian minchin. This brand new human settlement is said to hold the secret of human happiness but the only smiles the doctor and bill can find are on a pile of grinning skulls. The further adventures in time and space of the alien adventurer known as the doctor, a time lordlady who can change appearance and gender by regenerating when near death, and hisher human companions. Following the special, a regular series of thirteen episodes aired, starting with partners in crime on 5 april 2008 and ending with journeys end three months later on. Doctor whos new companion will change the tone of the show. She has been perfect to watch during the 10th season of doctor who and i believe that she is one of the main reasons as to why the 10th season was peter capaldis. The doctors new companions will join an illustrious line of actors including pearl mackie, who is currently starring alongside capaldi, along with predecessors jenna coleman, catherine tate and.

Freema agyemans martha only stayed with the 10th doctor for a. Grace holloway daphne ashbrook was the doctors companion in the 1996 television movie doctor who. Below is a list of all the doctors and their accompanying companions, some appear in multiple episodes and other have a oneoff appearance. Newcomer mackie joins doctor who star peter capaldi on his adventures in.

Pearl mackie will be joining series ten of doctor who as new companion bill. Bradley walsh drops huge bombshell about new companion the chase star bradley walsh has revealed a. However, theres an even greater threat in their midst. Bbc america today announced pearl mackie will join the doctor who cast as the doctors new companion. Doctor who getting a new doctor and new companion in 2018. I like that she was told not to watch previous doctor who episodes. Doctor who season 8 casts a new male companion screen rant.

A new guest will join peter capaldi in the doctor who season 8 finale. With doctor who season 8 episode 4 it could have been just a bump in the night ghost story that came of the doctors many musings. With steven moffat set to continue for the next series, we can expect more of the same when it comes to casting, and. The british say series where an american would say season. At least we will get a full season with capaldi next year. Mackie joins the cast alongside peter capaldi, who took on the reins of the doctor in the 20 christmas day episode, and replaces jenna colemans clara oswald, who departed the show at the end of the ninth series. The website nerdist pointed out the importance of pearl mackie being cast on dr. Steven moffat seeking new dynamic for doctor who companion. Ace stays the doctors companion until the first end of the series in 1989. The fact that she is set to come back to life at some time in the new series adds fuel to the speculation that she might be back as a companion.

Three new doctor who companions for season 11 telly. The doctor who season 8 finale, the twoparter dark water and death in heaven, is written by moffat. Meet the new doctor who companion, pearl mackie, joining. The official bbc annoucement names this trio as the new regular cast, but doesnt actually say the word companion. Moffat adds that they are seeking a new character but that anything can change. In series four, awardwinning actor catherine tate returns as the doctors new companion, reprising her role as donna noble from the 2006 christmas special the runaway bride. The doctor s worst enemies, the daleks, the cybermen, the angels and the silence, return, as the doctor s eleventh life comes. The addition of martha jones as his new companion gives the doctor a more experienced and adaptable partner who adds a lot to the partnership. In this part, the era of the seventh doctor, sylvester mccoy, is. A new companion gives us the chance to launch the show again. After an unexpected tease on facebook this morning, the bbc has revealed the new companion that pearl mackie will be joining peter capaldi in doctor who season 10. Starting new years eve 2006, a new audio series titled the eighth doctor adventures featuring the doctor and new companion lucie miller. Bradley walsh was confirmed this weekalongside tosin cole and mandip gillas the thirteenth doctors new sidekick.

I wasnt excited about capaldis casting but gave him a chance. So we will be getting a new doctor far too soon and a new companion. He only appears once, in the 1996 doctor who tv movie, the script of which takes a few liberties with whovian reality. Bradley walsh, who has been a fan of doctor who for 50 years, has been confirmed as jodie whittakers companion in the new series. Previous companion, clara oswald jenna coleman, left the scifi series after season nine in 2015. Watch bbc americas new doctor who tv show season 10 trailer, featuring pearl mackie as new companion, bill potts. Regarding the gender of the new companion, moffat says, thats still being discussed. Pearl mackie is bill, the new doctor who companion cnet. It began in 1963 with the story of ian and barbara and then in 2005 with rose tyler. Meeting with cast and crew past and present, peter travels the uk and the usa in search of the answers. As we head toward this season of change on doctor who with actor peter capaldi taking over the eponymous role from matt smith many are wondering about what bits of newness will be present when the show returns in the fall. Apparently new showrunner chris chibnall is shaking up who will travel with the doctor in the tardis next season. Speaking to radio times, addison said it was an easy decision to appear on the show. Bradley walsh thrilled as he is confirmed as new doctor.

The casting of mackie is actually a fairly monumental one. Why new doctor who companion is a step in the right. Why the new doctor who companion is a huge step in the right direction for the beloved franchise. And i think weve got a really cool new idea about how to do that. You can recruit new viewers when somebody else meets the doctor. Inventor nikola tesla is at war with his rival thomas edison. Jesus, if the beeb would just deliver actual full seasons and quality stories, maybe they could sell some toys. Doctor who companions simple english wikipedia, the free. If you recall, donna noble had been introduced in the runaway bride ahead of season 3, later becoming the companion in season 4.

Will series 8 of doctor who see another new companion. I feel like donna is the first companion for the new doctor who seasons who really emphasizes why the doctor needs a companion. In the 1970 season, the doctor was assisted by scientist liz shaw and brigadier lethbridgestewart, along with other unit personnel such as sergeant benton. What about this new doctor and his companion clara, how will they get on. Pearl mackie is named as the new doctor who companion alongside peter capaldis time lord. All of these questions figure to be answered in due time even the river question, which may be answered by her continued absence but showrunner steven moffat is throwing a new. Peter capaldi will return to doctor who for season 9, but. The bbc dropped good news today for fans of the new doctor. In the run up to season 8 of doctor who, peter davison recounts what it takes to be the ultimate companion. For over 55 years, doctor who has entertained audiences the world over.

Although the cameo was brief, fans are speculating that this could suggest a new companion in season 8, with actor tristan beint playing the part. Trio of new doctor who companions unveiled television. With doctor who season 8 finished up this weekend and just one christmas special to go for the year, weve already come up with ideas for the types of. Evidence is mounting that newcomer ellis george will be joining peter capaldi, jenna coleman and samuel anderson for a trip in the tardis. Meeting with cast and crew past and present, peter travels the. Subscribe to peter capaldi will return to doctor who for season 9, but what about his companion. She becomes only the second fulltime companion to be a person of color since freema agyeman played martha jones beginning in series 3. Doctor who season 8 cover art of the region 2 dvd release for first serial of the season. Arguably it begins again with the story of amy pond.

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