Dslr lens mount for iphone

The adaptor, which is part of an iphone case, allows canon eos or nikon slr lenses to be mounted. This adapter lets you mount any camera lens onto your smartphone. These 3 lens mounts let you attach dslr lenses to your iphone. I mounted an slr lens to my iphone, and this is what my. With additional lenses, you can do even more with your smartphone camera. Focus your iphone on the image being projected on to the focusing screen within the adapter and youre all set. The iphone slr mount from turtleback is the latest product in a trend that blurs the lines between your iphone and your everyday camera. A since mounting a lens in front of your existing iphone camera rotates the image, use the iphone apps called filmic pro or almost dslr to flip the image back to normal. I mounted an slr lens to my iphone, and this is what my first few. Turtleback slr mount links slr lens and iphone macworld. The photojojo lens series lenses come with a tiny magnetic ring and adhesive on one side. The two key features of a good lens for sports photography are big zoom, as well as a wide, or fast lens. This is the latest scoop from photojojo a kit that lets you attach any dslr lens to your iphone. With a few addon lenses, the camera in your pocket becomes more versatile, capturing wider.

After that, you can pop any of the lenses on with a satisfying dink, as the magnetic base of the lens grabs on. The smartphone dslr mount is absolutely ridiculous fstoppers. This will not turn your iphone or other device into a dslr, but it. Discover our high quality range of amount lenses to use with your dslr. The iphone slr mount comes in either a nikon fmount or canon efmount version, and allows iphoneographers to utilize an slr lens with the iphones camera photo. Adapter puts nikon and canon lenses on iphone wired. After you take a picture you simply use the cameras builtin. Simply mount the encinema iphone slr lens adapter to your device via the. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. Featured this month on photojojo, this accessory is. Photojojo has revealed a nikon and a canon version of its new iphone slr lens mount, which allows iphone users to attach an slr lens to the smartphones camera. There is no data connection between the lens and iphone.

The kit comes in nikon and canon flavors, so you can mount pretty much any nikon lens ever made, or use any canon lens manufactured since the. Its largely the phones camera upgrades that drive that excitement and the iphone 11 pro s triple. This adapter lets you mount any giant lens on your tiny. Use the same style 37mm hd dslr lens that the pros use on your smartphone so you capture every single pixel in perfection a complete solution for your phone this 2 in 1 lens kit lets you capture the widest views with the wide angle lens while still providing focus of the smallest upclose detail with the macro lens. Want to mount a giant camera lens onto your smartphone. Heres the thrifty way to mount a dslr lens to your phone. This adapter lets you mount any giant lens on your tiny smartphone. Sure, apps have helped your camera phone inch forward with. I mounted an slr lens to my iphone, and this is what my first few photos look like. Canon rayo s1 mini projector with wifi, android os, builtin browser. Heres the thrifty way to mount a dslr lens to your phone camera.

The iphone has a great smartphone camera but it could be better. The slr jacket is just a metal frame and a lens mount. I do agree that it is a bit silly to put a dslr lens on an iphone, but to say that any sort of camera shouldnt be taken seriously is very. Encinema slr lens adapter kit mark ii for iphone and android. That means the entire phototaking process is manual.

Photojojo introduces lens mount for canon and nikon lenses, allowing for your dslr lenses to be strapped onto your iphone. Widget lets you attach any dslr lens to your iphone cult. Ever since the iphone camera was invented, its aspired to be what it simply never quite could be. Camlet mount connects a smartphone or tablet to your dslr. You can use your dslr lenses on your dslr, the way they were meant to be used. For that money, you could buy an actual lens for your real camera. Let us help you find the best canoncompatible lens for your canon dslr camera. We offer a range of amount and emount lenses both telephoto prime and. The camlet mount makes it easy to connect a mobile device to a dedicated dslr or mirrorless camera, providing not only a larger viewfinder, but touchscreen control of camera features. That is a very valid usecase got older dslr or mirrorless cameras that. Affix it to your iphone centered around the camera lens and wait a half hour or so for it to set. Photojojo has announced a lens mount for dslr lenses that is compatible with the iphone camera. Encinema slr lens adapter kit mark ii for iphone and. And as the use of smartphones for serious photo and video productions continues to heat up, so does the.

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